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The Taj at Sundown
Namaste -
my Soul meets your Soul
The Great Taj
Welcome to India
The Taj Tower
Blow Your Horn Now
Sadhu (Holy Man)
​Curved Doorway
The Taj Tower II
Elephant in Traffic
Columns and Arches In Amber Fort - Jaipur
Hindustan Dancers
Grandmother and Child
One Day Old
Grandmother and Child II
Painted Elephant
A Camel's Raincoat
Ganesha, God of Beginnings
Ironing Batik
Ironing Batik II
Swirling Saris
Indian Sweets
Drying Saris
Lavender & Silver Sari
The Golden Temple
The Golden Temple II
Friendly Boys
Modern Family II
Modern Family I
Decorated Truck and a Driver
Chapati Fast Food
Honoring Saraswati
Saraswati, River Goddess
Saraswati's End
Everyone Has a Camera
Ganges Couple
Strike Up the Band
Woman in the Alcove
Tabla Musician
Leader of the Band
​Red Turbaned Man
Festival Musician
Rug Weaver
Rug Weaver II
Rug Weaver III
Christine in India.jpg
Purple & Red Saris
Ladies on a Bus
India's New Tourism
Magenta Magic
A Beautiful Old Hand
At the Bath
Mother and Daughter
​Ganges River Views II
Ganges River Views II
Aarti Hindu Ritual - Varanasi
Beautiful in Pink
​Four Beauties
A Henna Beard
Beautiful in Aqua
Handsome Young Man
Ladies on the Ganges
Ganges Cleansing
Ladies on the Ganges II
Hawa Mahal - Palace of Wind
Elephant Art I
Elephant Art II
City Palace - Udaipur
Elephant Art III
Along the Ganges
Cutest Baby
Boy on a Boat - Varanasi
Elephant Art IV
Elegant Embroidery
What's your Weight?
Orange and Green Sari
​School Girls
Ganges Fishing Net
Three Ladies at the Bath
F​olding the Sari
​Yellow Pearled Sari
Laughing Ladies
Beautiful Eyes
No Respect for the Cow
Flower Offerings
Papaya Vendors
Temple Offerings
A Decorated Horse
Beautiful Boy Dancer
Goodbye India
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